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Princessia by Keroberus1977 Princessia by Keroberus1977
There was a time I really enjoyed drawing using traditional media or digital media.  But life really gets in the way of my fangirl obsessions.  I have to keep reminding myself I work to feed my obsessions and work should not be the obsession.

So after figuring out how to layer and use transparent colors again, I managed this in a week.  It's really part of the tail end of a fangirl obsession over Tales of Xillia 2 and my own fanfic Princessia in the Snow. Go to:….

After getting into the heads of Elize and Gaius I find myself UNABLE TO LET THEM GO....  So I'm still obsessing.  At least until Zestiria is released in the US.

So Teepo is probably saying something completely inappropriate and just as you hear "Elize, Gaius says he--" that's where Gaius covers him up and threatens to take him apart and use him as a pillow case.  Elize, around 19 in my story, is holding a bouquet of princessia, most likely on her way to visit the graves of her parents and Jiao.

I really need to upgrade but I don't draw digitally that often. But still, wish I had a better palette for Kanbalar in the snow.  I only chose digital because I couldn't find my darn paint supplies.  It's been years since I moved but they're probably all dried up by now...  
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August 8, 2015
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