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Ages ago I drew a pair of doujin based on my #NaruSaku obsession.  I remembered I had posted them ages ago. and at the time the #NaruSaku, #Sasusaku debate was raging.  I haven't checked on them in ages, but they've gotten some impressive traffic on YouTube.

I'm not obsessed over it anymore, and I didn't bother finishing Naruto after the Pein story arc, but I understand why #NaruSaku fans are still licking their wounds and in complete denial of the last chapter.  Some are even raising Sakura and Naruto's child online with the power of their love and devotion.

Now that we're approaching the 1 year anniversary of Naruto's ending I'm reflecting on what values I've learned.  What has 15 years of Naruto taught us?

First conclusion: Kishimoto is a horrible romance writer and romance has no business in Shonen Manga.  But he must have hated Sakura's character, or gave in to people who did, because her ending was pathetic.

Second conclusion: Kishimoto had this message for girls -- If you're a shy girl with big boobies you'll be able to get the man you want even though you've barely spoken to him your entire life because all boys love boobies -- forget about what's in-between your ears; and if you're a loud girl who is strong and smart but has a blind fangirl obsession to the point of being unhealthy you will never EVER grow out of it or grow as a person and you will end up with a neglectful husband.

I've had a year to reflect on the ending of the manga.  My overall conclusion: You STILL suck, Kishimoto.  #NaruSaku4ever
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Who is up for more cosplay!  Me Me!!!  This year kicks off with Anime Expo 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Cetner.  It will be the mecca of cosplaying geek-ing out everywhere, hope I can meet up with all my favorite DeviantArt artists again!  Loved meeting you last year!

Haha, so this year, I will be going in kimono and hakama, as a karuta player.  In fact, I will be going as Chihaya from Chihayafuru!  :-D  More pics to come later!!
This was my precious...I was addicted to it like ppl are addicted to crack.  I drew my doujin on it (Blood+, Naruto, Antique Gift Shop).  I downloaded all sorts of crazy stuff on it (music, pics).  I wrote all my short stories for the past 5 years on it (beginning with Spirited Away and ending with Chihayafuru). I connected with all my favorite people on it (from Argentina, Spain, Portugal, UK, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada and through the US.  I read all my favorite manga on it and watched my favorite streaming anime on it.  This Mac held a lot of sentimental value. ::sniff, sniff:  MY PRECIOUS!!!!

Who new that Macbooks and juice don't mix?  I've dropped that thing, broken it's cord, peeled off some of it's plastic frame and still it lived on.  I spill a little bit of juice on it and it dies a horrible death.  Crap.

I still have stuff I need from there too.  I guess I can have them retrieve it from the hard drive.

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Yes, many of you are like, WTF is that?  Well, lemme tell you.  It's a mass e-mailing day we've set up for the Juuni Kokki/12k/Twelve Kingdoms fans out there.  Especially the English reading ones.

So if you don't have anything to do on 8/19, or just before you leave the house to do what you need to do on Fridays, drop Kodansha an e-mail and tell them you want your TWELVE KINGDOMS back!

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I'm pissed.  I want to start something...a fire...a game...a revolution....  How many can say they've really felt passionate about something and chased after it, burning the proverbial candle at both ends?  Is that passion or lunacy?  

Can one feel passionate about not being bored?  Boredom is brain decay! Is everything we do here just a way for us to pass the time?  To gain recognition?  To find a deviation or diversion from the regular, mind-numbingly boring life we have on the outside?

I feed my boredom by drawing, writing and reading.  Reading light novels has been a pastime for a while now.  But with Stu wandering Japan like Rurouni Kenshin and Tokyopop sunk like the Titanic, my appetite for light novels can no longer be satisfied.

I, like many, am Japanese impaired.  A few of us thought to ask Kodansha if they would be interested in publishing novels (b/c they pretty much f*ing own everything that can be put in print) like 12Kingdoms in English.  God knows I'd love to own those and the Full Metal Panic novels to complete my collections.  You know what those punks said?

"Our focus is exclusively on manga at this time; we have no plan to publish novels for the foreseeable future" - Kodansha USA

"I'm Tatsuya Morimoto, licensing manager at Kodansha International Rights Dept.
Thank you for your interest in "Twelve Kingdoms" and we really appreciate fun's (sic.) great expectations
toward the series.
Right now we have no plan to publish the rest of series in English unfortunately.

But we are still seeking opportunities to make it happen near future ( I cannot guarantee though)

Thank you very much again for your love to the series.



Essentially: we can't make any money off you; we don't have a business plan for that; we don't care that you can't read Japanese; go f* yourselves.

It's like they think the only things Americans have the attention span for is manga/comics.  Degrading? Yeah, a little.  Considering a lot of their fan base is working class, and we are the ones who have the $$ to spend on this stuff, I'd feel more comfortable bringing a book to the lunchroom rather than manga.  It's not the little kids who love Pokemon and Naruto who sit all over the floor in the bookstore and read but don't buy who is their market.  It's us.  We have the $$.  And $$ talks.  

I have to find like minded people because I can't do it alone.  The One Girl Revolution doesn't go very far, no matter what Superchick says.


Join us.
tweet me if you want in: #flashmobnewhere

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So I've been inspired by a little known anime recently by the name of Toshokan Sensou (Library War).  I immediately fell in love with the characters and now I am up to chapter 4 in my fanfiction and I've just finished my Library War costume for AX2011 this weekend...sigh.  I couldn't help it.  I'm just dying to walk around dressed as Iku Kasahara (the cosplayer in me is tickled pink with excitement) and thank goodness I have sensible shoes this year.  From Estelle's boots, to Yurie's school shoes, to Sen (and Rin's) geta sandals, Shuurei's Chinese slippers, and Youko's kung-fu shoes, I'm just glad I won't be getting blisters this year.

What I haven't done though, is any art for Toshokan Sensou.  I think I might try it out soon.  Especially of the photograph I invented in Chapter 4...

I bought tix for a Maid Cafe at AX this year that won't be serving food but will be offering swag and a show.  Doesn't that sound counter-intuitive (a cafe that serves no food)?  But in the spirit of Ouran High School Host Club there will, at least, be eye candy of both sexes.

What I need to do though is finish my Vesperia fic.  Maybe if I put on my Estelle costume, I'll feel more like finishing it? ;-P
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So. I finally finished my Blood+ doujin.  Since I took some time off, I've really gone back to what I like to do.  Check it out here:….

Now, I wonder if I'll ever finish my Tales of Vesperia fanfic....hehe.
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So I think I figured out how to end the short story.  It's all been drafted from beginning to end, and the dialogue all planned out.  I came up with 23 pages total, and I may resubmit the entire thing using a single background track.  But then, I was listening to Hans Zimmer/Mark Mancina's composition of "Saaya's Love" and that was really beautiful so I considered using it.... I don't think I can though.  It's too short and too bittersweet.  I want to end on the upbeat.  I may use Olivia's "A Little Pain" in it's entirety.  I'm also partial to Mai Hoshimura's "Sakura Biyori" from Bleach.  But first I've got to complete the inking...and I still can't find my drawing tablet stylus so it's been really slow going with the mouse...
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And so, my fan girl-ism has completed part I of my fan comic doujin.  I think I like it. I'm not sure yet.   You may see it for yourselves here:…

In the interim, working on part II...the lovely dovey smoochy smoochy parts....
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You wouldn't think a cello was that hard to draw...and yet...

Good thing I have patience.

Up to page 4 now, with Saya's chevalier +1 now aware that she has awakened.  On to page 5...heh...

I might post some pages soon, when there's enough to go by and tell a story with.
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And Saya wakes...

I know I told myself not to do it but there is this insatiable urge to draw the SayaxHagi Reunion.  I've wanted to ever since 2007 and now I have the software to do it.  Just a short little doujin.  I need to get it out of my system.  

Listening to the beautiful OST by Mr. Mancina and Zimmer is just spurring this along.  Especially the 4 min. "Saya's Love."  You really feel a wave of calm wash over you as you imagine how wonderful it would be for Saya and Hagi to meet again, 30 years later.  Hence, the title cover for my doujin is entitled "30 years later."
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Argh, too many projects ongoing, not enough time!  My readers are probably wondering what the heck I've been doing these two years since I have left them hanging in fiction limbo.  My art is suffering because I simply don't have the time (or space) to break out the tubes and sit there mixing.  My right hand is recovering from tendinitis but my brain is stumped on what to do next in my AGS fan comic.  

Thankfully, I finally finished this year's AX costume.  Finally found my other kung-fu shoe.  But how the heck am I going to make Yoko's scabbard?  (12K-cosplay)

I just purchased Blood+ Part II and finished the series (again).  After a quick sketch of Saya overlooking the ocean in Okinawa wearing Hagi's ribbon in her hair and waiting for him to find her, I realize I have a desire to create a doujin about these two...

(No!  No more projects Kero!!  You're only one person!!)<--inner Kero is screaming at me.

So last night, I skipped sleep and settled for rewriting my old Blood+ one-shot and starting off two chapters of a new Blood+ fiction, just to get it out of my system.  I don't know if I'll post it on but I'm thinking writing about battles is still a heck of a lot easier than drawing Chiropterans.
  • Listening to: Ouran High School Host Club-Nocturne pour Tamaki
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  • Drinking: Sterling - pinot gris love villain...equals a good story?  The formula for a good drama that isn't necessarily just good vs. evil.  If the heroine's love interest is the god of Death, who is his rival?  The King of Hell?  Lol.  Makes sense.  

The god of Death, Kang-Rim, appointed by the King of Hell ages ago to oversee all the Reapers, is cryptic, ironically has a soul, and is beautiful but tends to dress in ancient clothing.  The King of Hell, Lord Yomra, is sexy, handsome, and can cast a spell on you before you know it--all while dressing in trendy Gucci.

Distinctive traits: Kang-Rim has ebony black hair and a gentle smile; Lord Yomra has shadowy wings that are invisible to ordinary humans.

I wonder when I'm ever going to finish this fan comic?   But I'm having a lot of fun getting there.

AGS~Bride of the Death God:…
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I'm never going to hear that guy say "Previously, on LOST" ever again.  SAD.....
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I love art but I've never taken an art class.  In junior high I had one art elective and I got a C.  I'm terrible at perspectives and shading because I hate to practice.  I was such a half assed kid when I was younger...heh.
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Most of my art comes from a time when I had, well...more time.  Come to think of it, I really enjoyed painting back then.  I only discovered digital art recently.  Back in University I really loved to paint.  Then ended up with a Political Science degree.  Go figure...  Practicality over fun -- Practicality wins!
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I finally found a way to display my latest fan comic.  Sure, I may be the only avid fan of Antique Gift Shop out there, but meh, whatever.  It's enough for me to see the pages back to back.